Great AfricanAmerican Men

24X28 double matted 

​Limited Edition Custom Framed


This Too Shall Pass I

36x24  $59.95

Black Panther

The Movie

18X24 $34.95

The Last Supper 

36X24  $49.95

Strength of Love

24X36 $54.95

This Too Shall Pass II

36x24  $59.95

As One

24X36  $54.95

Made For Each Other 

24X32 $54.95

Michael Jordan

36X24  $59.95 

Sound Stream

21X25 $59.95

My Sister's Keeper 

36X24  $59.95

For Your Eyes Only 

24X36  $49.95

Behind Every Great Man

Double Matted Statement

17X24  $69.95

Aretha Franklin

Queen of Soul

22X28  $89.95 

MalcomX  Be Intellegent

18X24  $64.95

​Limited Edition Local Artist

Black In The Saddle

​Numbered and Signed by Local Artist

30x20  $124.95

Reflections Of A Queen

18X24 $74.95

Dark Shadow 

36X24 $49.95

Obama 3D 

3  Pictures in One

11X15 $14.95

Great AfricanAmerican Women

24X28 double matted 

​Limited Edition Custom Framed


Reflections Of A King

18X24 $74.95

Midnight Snack I 

36X24  $49.95

Obama Be First

40X13  $46.95

Piano Man II

36X24 $79.95

Eye on the Sparrow 24X36 $59.95

Forward We March

24X36  $59.95 

Crowns of Glory

Grace Mercy Peace

24X36  $54.95

To Us 

36X24  $54.95

Black Wall Street

20X16  $42.95 

Power of Love Statement

12X36  $39.95

Give it All To God

24X36 $59.95

Forever My Queen

22x29  $49.95

Step Out on Faith Love

36x24  $59.95

Always and Forever

36x24  $59.95

Power of Man and Woman

12X36  $39.95

Framed Art

Game Changers

18X24  $69.95

Hip Hop Heaven II

30X24 $49.95

The Pioneers

36x24  $59.95